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The natural male hormone is involved in a number of important bodily functions.

Not only does it help to repair muscles and strengthen bones, testosterone also plays a key role in maintaining sexual performance.

Otherwise, scroll down to see what took the top spot, and feel free to tell us how we know nothing, Jon Snow, in the comments below.

*** Ill-fated though it was, the moment when Rob Stark was embraced as the one true King by the various factions of the North was a real spine-tingler, and went some way to healing the wounds left by his father's beheading (our wounds, we mean).

One of the most important steps of great text game is creating a good conversational hook.

Whenever you text a girl for the first time always assume that she’s already doing something incredibly fun or interesting. What I like to do before I text a girl for the first time is I imagine myself on the receiving end.

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And attractive women in particular have so many options available that you really can’t afford to leave a window of opportunity for some other dude to sweep in and act faster than you were willing to. In these types of situations I try to use text game to create a completely fresh interaction.Yet, at the same time I appreciate text-game because it lets me continue interactions and build attraction with girls that I’m interested in, even when I don’t have time to set aside to make a proper phone call. I used to treat it like any form of face-to-face interaction and I would fail miserably at it.