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One of the interesting sequences in the film (produced in 1998) is the bit featuring Prof David Bowen, who wanders about in the monument patting sarsens and apparently thinking that they are bluestones, and then produces two lumps of stone which he wants to date, using the chlorine 36 technique.He says that the stones have come from the 1958 dig -- so presumably they have come from the collections made in the Richard Atkinson excavations of that year.The surface erosion rate is usually poorly constrained; thus an apparent exposure age is usually calculated for a plausible range of erosion rates.The systematics of chlorine-36 production and its application to surface exposure dating are described by Zedra and Phillips (2000).Cl) is a rare long-lived radio-isotope of Chlorine.Chlorine-36 is called a cosmogenic nuclide, because it is created by energetic cosmic rays impacting matter in a fission reaction, called spallation.

The rate of accumulation of chlorine-36 depends on the balance between the production rate of chlorine-36 and on the rate of erosion of the rock surface.Laboratoire de Géophysique Interne et Tectonophysique (LGIT), CNRS, Observatoire de Grenoble (OSUG), Université J.