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(You might want to do that now…) If you have read it, then let’s tie in some of the concepts I’ve been discussing together to sort of crystallize the information so that you have a working visual model that you can imagine applying to your life.One of my favorite concepts in this entire field is the issue of personality Archetypes.For instance a comment such as 'remember to eat don't starve yourself!' delivered to someone overweight would also be a form of sarcasm. One of my most important moments of realization in dating dawned on me when I started to gain an understanding of archetypes of women.It is seemingly so simplistic in nature that it ought to be common sense.Though it is often meant humorously and often intended as a joke, and though it sometimes is genuinely funny, sarcasm often relies on putting another person down and as a result will often make those people look or feel small as a result.Here we will look at what sarcasm is, how it works, why people use it and how to protect yourself from it.

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Make sure you don't read this while eating or drinking, as you will spew and choke from gut-busting guffawing.— Submitted by Nita G.Mechanics of Sarcasm Sarcasm is very simply put when someone says something that everyone knows is untrue in order to draw attention to its ridiculousness.