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06-Dec-2017 03:32

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The way these con artists operate is under the guise of wanting a mature long term relationship, that they are just "looking for love".In truth though, all they are looking for your MONEY.Our technical teams do their utmost to ensure the safety of our sites.Internet security is a complex issue and no system can be considered 100% secure.Huntcha, a new social dating feature, requires you to sign up using Facebook and to list up to 9 persons you would like to date.If one of them also likes you, a pop up window appears and both of those persons can communicate."Huntcha is confidential.

We uphold the strictest of standards with respect to protection of privacy and of personal data, and have made a notification to the French Data Protection Authority.

No one will know what you're doing on Huntcha, your profile and candidates list is private information.