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"Internet senior care service" means a person or entity in the business, for a fee, of providing access to a database, principally on or through the Internet, of seekers and providers of senior care services.

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These results suggest that the variant could overtake the traditional pronunciation in preference.

Because this growing conglomeration of networks [in the mid 1980s] was able to communicate using the TCP/IP protocols, the collection of networks gradually came to be called the ‘Internet’, borrowing the first word of ‘Internet Protocol’.

Our vision is to create a ‘Smart World’, that is, an intelligent infrastructure linking objects, information and people through the computer network...

Updating the database of the Illinois Compiled Statutes (ILCS) is an ongoing process.

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In our 2011 survey, opinion was almost evenly split, with 52 percent preferring the traditional pronunciation and 48 percent preferring the variant.

The Legislature finds and declares that residents of this State need to be informed of the potential risks of participating in Internet dating services, Internet child care services, Internet senior care services, and Internet home care services.