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03-Jan-2018 21:20

While at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, I had the opportunity to check out a few films that were just a bit outside the horror realm, including Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott’s sociopolitical actioner .

Their frantically-paced actioner stars Dave Bautista and Brittany Snow as two residents of the New York borough who must fend off an invasion after several red states decide to declare a new civil war on the rest of the country.

I recently wrote a post Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

, calling out the fact that traditional masculinity is slipping away and also acknowledging the total shift between men and women in the current dating climate. And I got a ton of really interesting feedback, especially from guys (most agreed, supplemented the piece with further points from the male POV, and also told me how women and their standards have changed from what would probably be considered more traditional).

Plus, we think we have it rough with maintaining a relationship.

Often quiet and contemplative, Palka’s Reggie offers audiences a glimpse into the other side of the sport, one that’s not steeped in glitz, glamour, and the kind of sparkly stuff that’s so synonymous with Eighties style wrestling. I think she’s an introvert and I think she’s really very clear about what she wants to be and everyone is kind of bubbly and has a lot going on and very funny and has, like, very big personalities.We can sit here and talk about relationships and the fuckery of millennial dating all day long.And before it was brought to my attention, I never really considered the relationship challenges and dynamics for those who are in the military–namely, how they’re different from the average relationship.Both Bautista and Snow deliver strong performances in could not be more timely.

The themes that Murnion and Milott explore here, as well the breakout performances of both of its co-stars, make for a solidly entertaining and thought-provoking experience, even if as a writer/director/co-star) attempting suicide as she finds her life as a wife and mother unfulfilling, often putting her own wants and desires on hold in order to meet the needs of her demanding family, which includes four kids and a husband (Jason Ritter) who spends more time at the office than he does at home.He explained that men in the military are molded to have a tough exterior–a little bit more in the vein of the ideal cowboy I was talking about in my earlier piece.

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