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28-Dec-2017 20:34

Under our system clocks page we have the CPU multiplier adjustment, along with a few other items that most will not adjust.

The 650i Ultra board allows you to choose to run your memory either linked or unlinked, just like the full 680i board does.

Sure some of AMD's past CPUs were questionable, but nothing was available on the market to really challenge those Thoroughbred CPUs, Athlon XP was what really gave Intel a giant scare, and Nvidia took notice of this.

n Force 2 chipsets came out only supporting AMD processors, not a single Intel based Nvidia chipset was available.

Make sure, that your on-boad NVIDIA n Force SATA Controller is running in IDE mode.4.

I just found this thread and im curious but a bit unsure!

Iv got an old narra 2 mainboard chipset MCP61 (nforce 430) and its been stable on windows 7 for a few years.

The Advanced Chipset Features page is where you will do most of your tweaking and adjusting of setings.

Everything you need for overclocking is right here on this page as well.The appearance of the packaging of the XFX 650i Ultra is very similiar to that of the 680i LT board from XFX, as you can see. The USB and firewire headers are not in the 650i Ultra package, and of course, the SLi bridge is missing as well.